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1st July 2008



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Picture of David Bardrick
David Bardrick with Bob Crow

Three Bridges Branch was pleased to welcome RMT General Secretary Bob Crow to its branch meeting on 1st July for a special evening. Bob had come to present long term membership medals to seven of the branch members for periods ranging from 10 to 40 years. Presenting 40 year medals first to David Bardrick (pictured left) and Roy Roberts (pictured right), Bob commented on how difficult it was to attain this length of service in today's working environment. Presenting 25 year medals to Paul Cox (pictured below left), Dave Crawford (pictured below centre) and Alfred Stevens (pictured below right), Bob took the opportunity to thank them and all the members for their support and loyalty. The final presentations were 10 year medals to Jose Arguelles (pictured bottom left) and Raymond Lee (accepted for him by Peter Taggart, and pictured bottom right) Picture of Roy Roberts
Roy Roberts with Bob Crow

Picture of Paul Cox
Paul Cox with Bob Crow
Picture of Dave Crawford
Dave Crawford with Bob Crow
Picture of Alfred Stevens
Alfred Stevens with Bob Crow











Picture of Jose Arguelles
Jose Arguelles with Bob Crow

Bob then spoke about a concern of many members, the current pension plan situation, describing a possible worsening scenario over the coming years, and saying that this was an issue that all members needed to give serious consideration to. He then hosted a question and answer session with a variety of points being raised by members, before everyone enjoyed a superb buffet provided by Jose Arguelles and his wife. The evening concluded with the usual branch meeting format, the minutes of which are available on this website.

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Picture of Peter Taggart for Raymond Lee
Peter Taggart with Bob Crow